Where would Jesus be?


Gail Mitchell © 1995


If Jesus were here today I wonder where he would be?


Would he be in the boardroom, making grand decisions

How to increase net production in less profitable divisions?


Or in the world of finance, switching funds offshore

To make the tax bill less than it was the year before?


Would he be in parliament, spouting dull and endless speeches?

Until the media expose he doesn’t practise what he preaches?


Would he mix with royalty, rub shoulders with the stars?

Dine in fancy restaurants; drive round in big fast cars?


Would he be content each evening, to sit quietly by the fire

Watching soaps and TV chat shows and waiting to retire?


I think more like our Lord would be within the Inner Cities

Sitting with the homeless, not standing for committees.


I think he’d be in hospitals with the lonely and the scared

He'd tend their wounds and heal their hurts and let them know he cared


I think our Lord would kiss the man, who was cursed with HIV

To show he loved him all the same, that he could too be free.


I think our Lord would stand beside, those who mourn and grieve

He’d shed a tear and lend an ear and their desperate fears relieve


I think our Lord would give his all, to see each hungry child was fed

He’d see the tramp on the old park bench and offer him his bed


He’d reach the girl who’d sold her soul beneath the town’s red light

He’d touch her heart as it cried out in the dark and sordid night


If Jesus were here today, I wonder where he’d be?

And yet I know he is here, he’s here inside of me.


Gail Mitchell © 1995