What is this world coming to?

Gail Mitchell © 2001


You know, I've never thought this world

Was such a great place to live.
With people always out to blame
And no one eager to forgive.

And if I was a teenager
With no hope of earning money,
And a dad who drinks the giro cheque,
Then I might think it was funny
To smash a bus stop to pieces
Or write in big black spray
Angry, stark obscenities
To wish the world away.
And if a big fat businessman
Looked down his nose at me
Then I might nick his silver jag.
Just to make him see.

Cos the rich keep getting richer;
And the sick are getting sicker;
And none of us are better;
And the bad are getting worse.
And if I were a single mum
With three pence in my purse
And five days left to make it last
And screaming kids to feed
Well if I went and helped myself
Would you call that greed?

And who's to say what's right and wrong
When none of it seems fair?
When blame and claim are all a game
And truth and justice rare.

Yesterday I saw a man
Who'd given up on life.
They gave him pills to perk him up
And sent him home to beat the wife.
They told him if he talked it through
He'd soon see the light.
He told them that the world was sick
But they couldn't see - he might be right.
And so he jumped and down he fell
because he couldn't contemplate
The dreadful thought of living through
Another lonely night

And where is God in all of this?
You know I couldn't say.
I'd like to think he’s part of me
But then, it's easier to walk away.


Gail Mitchell © 2001