The Party that never ends

Gail Mitchell ©2001


Once upon a time, in a far distant corner of the galaxy, there was a planet.  Not a very big planet, not a very small planet, just an average sort of planet.  Some of the people living on the planet were good, some were not so good and some were downright evil.  And sometimes it was a happy place, and sometimes the people were sad and sometimes really terrible things happened for no particular reason at all. 


The people on the planet thought there must be life outside their planet, that there must be a ‘Maker’ and so they tried to contact him. But they didn’t speak his language, so mostly there was no reply.


Meanwhile, outside time and space as we know it, the ‘Maker’ (as we shall call him) was sad.  He looked at the planet and saw that sometimes terrible things happened, and that some of the people were evil and even the good people weren’t as clever or as good as they thought they were.  He tried talking to them, but it was like you or me trying to talk to a goldfish in a tank, the people just couldn’t understand him.  The Maker was very sad indeed.


Now where the Maker lived, (which was outside time and space as we know it), he had prepared a big party for all the people, and there were presents and prizes and games and this was a special kind of magic party that would never end. But hardly any one ever came to the Makers party, because to get to the Maker they had to go through the gate.  And the gate had been hidden from the people for thousands of Centuries.  So even the good people were lost, and the not so good people were sad, and no-one ever made it to the party.


So the Maker called to his Son and said: “Son! I’ve got a job for you to do. Go down to the planet and tell everyone about me!”


And the Son said, “Cool Dad! Do I get to use my super powers? Do I get a big gold castle to live in while I’m there? Will everyone bow down to me and bring me presents?”


And the Maker said, “No,” and the Son’s face fell.


“But Dad, will I least have a flash car? Surely you can fix me up with a BMW or something?”


And the Maker said, “No, you will be going to a time before cars.”


“A time before cars? They will have proper toilets won’t they?”


“No Son, they won’t even have hot running water.”


And the Son said, “You’ve got to be kidding! Where is this place?”


“Palestine,” said the Maker wearily.


“Palestine! But they don’t even speak English there! Surely I will have some privileges, or else how will they know that I am you Son?”


“You will have no privileges, you will be born in a stable on a freezing cold winters night and will grow up with a workman and his family.”


“A stable!” the Son sputtered, “but I might get trodden on by a cow!”


Then the Maker took the soon and showed him the world. He showed him children who weren’t loved, and widows without homes and men full of anger and hate.  And all the people were lost, and all were alone, and the Maker said, “I want them to know how much I love them”.


And the Son said, “OK Dad, I’ll go!”


So the Son was born in a stable and grew up in a family that were not too poor but certainly not rich and at first he was not sure why he felt different to his friends, or why he felt there was more to the world than there appeared, but as he grew and grew he remembered his Dad (the one outside the space and time as we know it) and eventually he knew what he must do.


So he began.  And he didn’t have a house, or an office or even a change of clothes, but he set off to change the world, and tell the people about the Maker who loved them very much.  And he told rich people and poor people and ill people and clever people and religious people and all sorts of people.  And many of them followed him. For a while.  Then his teachings got too hard. He told them they must stand up for Truth and what is right. He told them they must help others who needed it even if it cost them everything they had. Many turned away because what he was saying was too difficult to do.  And many didn’t listen to him because he told them they had to change, and they thought, “Well I’m all right as I am, thank you very much” and they didn’t want to change. And some listened to what he had to say and just thought he was stark raving bonkers. They said, “You must be mad if you think there is more to the world than this, we don’t believe you.”


And sometimes the Son did miracles, when not many people were about, but he did them to show that the Maker was loving and kind, not to prove that he was powerful and strong.


After he had been on the planet many years the Son went to a lonely place to have a chat with his dad. “OK Dad! I’ve told them all about you, I’ve told that you want to care for them and how they can pray and you will answer them.  I’ve told them all about how to love each other, now how about showing me where this gate is, so we can all come along and enjoy the big party you’ve got waiting for us.”


And the Maker said, “Mmm, yes, well.. I mean I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the gate.”


“Yes,” said the Son eagerly, “Where is it? Only don’t tell me it’s a long way away because they don’t have cars or buses or trains here and I’ve only got one pair of shoes and I just….”


“Stop!” said the Maker, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, YOU are the gate.”


“Why don’t I like the sound of this?” said the Son.


And the Maker explained that evil and death blocked the gate and the only way to un-block the gate was for the Son to fight death, and win. And the son really did not like the sound of this and he pleaded and cried and begged the Maker to find some other way to get the people to the party. He cried and begged so much that blood sweated from his pores. And the Maker once again showed him the lonely people, the poor people, the sad people and the ill people of the planet and the Son’s heart filled with love for the people and he said, “OK Dad, I’ll do it!”


The next day, evil reigned all over the world.  The downright wicked people took the Son out to be killed, and the not so good people cheered them on and the good people cried but were too afraid to do anything about it and a really terrible thing happened that day.  There was pain, there was disappointment, there was grieving and crying, and then the Son died.


And all the evil forces and powers that roam the world thought that they had won. They celebrated, they cheered, they rubbed their hands in glee and for three days the Son let them have their fun.  He was waiting. Waiting to show them who was really boss and on the third day he showed them that even death could not beat him. He showed them that he really was the Son of the Maker. He showed them by coming back to life. He showed them that he had the power to let anyone he wanted through the gate into the Makers everlasting party, anyone who ask him would be let in. 


And he went back to his friends, and he told them to tell everyone they could about what had happened that day. He told them to look after all the people who were sad and sick and ill. He told them that the evil powers would still roam the planet, pretending they had won the victory, trying to stop people making it to the party.  He told them that terrible things would continue to happen for seemingly no reason at all and that people would continue to be sad and lost. But he told his friends that now they could make a difference, because they knew that there was more to life than this.


And so the Sons friends told their friends, and they told their friends and some people wrote it down. And before the Son went back to be with his dad (outside time and space as we know it) he left them a gift. A gift that they kept in their hearts so that they could always be close to the Maker and his Son whenever they wanted to be and which would give them the power and love to make the planet a better place.


And then the Son went back to his dad, and joined in the party, and waited, (is waiting) for his friends to finish their work on the planet, and join him at the party that never ends.


Gail Mitchell ©2001