The Lords Prayer for 21st Century Kids


Gail Mitchell ©2002


Hello Dad, out there in the spirit world.  We wish more people would respect you.  Things are pretty bad down here on earth at the moment. It’s a scary, stressful place to grow up in.  Please can you make things better?  This isn’t how you planned the world.  Can’t you make it a bit more like heaven?


There’s loads of stuff we need – not just food and money, but love and safety and some sort of hope for when we grow up.


Now then Dad – We don’t need to tell you that we’ve been bad sometimes. But we are really sorry and if you let us off that’d be cool and then we wouldn’t be so tough on other kids who do stuff wrong.

We don’t mean to get into trouble but there is just so much trouble to get into – everyone’s at it! And there’s dark stuff about that we don’t understand so please Dad, keep us away from all that.


Cos Dad, you’re The Man! The King! You’re wicked! Cool! Great! No one’s better than you dad. And they never will be, ever! We love you Dad.


Sorted! See yas later.


Gail Mitchell ©2002