Miss Cluttercloud's Class


Gail Mitchell © 2013


Peter is worried, his face is a frown.

His tummy is gurgling and churned upside down.

In a week he’ll move up to Miss Cluttercloud’s class.

He’s never been in but he’s often walked past.

Timmy Taylor told him there are slugs in the drawers,

Ghosts in the cupboards, rats under the floors.

They drink bug juice at lunchtime and bread made of rock

And you’ll never go home ‘cos the door’s always locked.


Peter is worried, he can’t sleep at night

He won’t eat his dinner not even a bite.

Nothing can stop his feeling of gloom

Because tomorrow he’ll move to Miss Cluttercloud’s room

Where there’s no time to play, so much work keeps you busy

(The sums are so hard they make you feel dizzy)

The homework’s so tricky it takes you all night

Ricky Robinson said so it’s definitely right!


Peter is worried; he’s shaking with fear,

The day he’s been dreading is finally here

This morning his teacher is Miss Cluttercloud

She’s stern and she’s bossy and shouts really loud

Her favourite hobby is making kids cry

And she’ll soap out your mouth if you dare tell a lie.

She locks children in storerooms and smells of beef stew

Mary Mortimer said so it’s got to be true!


Peter’s not worried, He’s calm and relaxed

He loves going school and learning new facts

He’s been in Miss Cluttercloud’s class for a while

She’s helpful and funny with a beautiful smile

Peter has his own desk with a bright red drawer

This is better than all the classes he’s been in before

He needn’t have worried or listened to his friends

Because everything worked out all right in the end. 


Gail Mitchell © 2013