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"It says on the cover that it is for anyone dealing with mental illness – I think it should just be “for anyone” Full Stop."

"Loving the Life Less Lived is ....a beacon of hope that acceptance truly does have the power to change your life."

"I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through depression and/or anxiety"

"Meet the local bookkeeper who learnt to love the life less lived"

"I hope that by sharing what has happened to me, it will help people not to feel so isolated and alone"

"...shows an honest attitude and an ability to look in the mirror and not only be proud of her achievements but also have a good old chuckle from time to time."

"The literary world needs more books like these. Simple as that."

"Gail’s journey with depression and anxiety is depicted beautifully, and I felt both saddened by her struggles and proud of her courage."

"In my opinion 'Loving the Life Less Lived' could be a huge eye opener to many people and an invaluable tool to anyone dealing with a mental illness. I encourage anyone and everyone to pick up a copy if you can."

"’s like a hug from a friend saying “I know what you’re going through”.

"Gail is an inspiration, to many people who suffer from mental health"

"I think this book could definitely help anyone suffering with mental health issues,"

"If you struggle to be kind to yourself, to recognise your strengths as well as your weaknesses, or are worried that your life hasn’t gone the way you planned, then this book may help you to find a different perspective where you may discover that there’s more to love about your life than you realised"

"Loving the life less lived is just one of the few books that I will be keeping and going back to time and time again. When i’m feeling down in the dumps or anxious, I will now refer to the book and some of the tools.

This is a book I really recommend to EVERYONE."

"Whether you are desperate for some inkling that someone else understand what you’re going through, looking for practical advice or just want to learn more about anxiety, give this book a read."

"The description of how Gail feels on a daily basis just spoke to me, and I found a comfort knowing I wasn’t alone in how I feel!"

"I've read it guys, it's bloody good."

 "...a must-have guide for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression." 

"I was 1 page into Loving The Life Less Lived ... and I already felt like Gail and I were old friends."