In Poetry and Prose

At a festival in 1998 they asked us to write a creed to express what we beleived. How often do any of us ever write down (or even think about) what we believe? 

It's not exactly breaking news that I sometimes get very depressed. Even in the depths of despair I somehow always manage to cling on to a tiny morsel of hope. This is a poem about a mountain of despair and mustard seed of hope. 

This rather cheesy poem was a challenge to myself in my twenties. Why was I spending my life slogging my guts out as an accountant and not making the slightest bit of positive difference to the world? 

A short story for kids and adults alike.

Working with our youth group on a Bristol council estate I wrote this to try and make the Lord's prayer more accessible to children and teenagers. 

I wanted to write a letter to a friend who was havign a really hard time. I wondered what God would want to say to her and came up with idea of making the letter up from lots of different bible verses. Hence I am more the editor rather than the author of this! 

May God who is Gr8

:-) on u & ur m8s,

luv u 24/7,

til u get 2 heaven,

may he keep you from soro, 2day & 2moro,

give u exlunt fun,

til ur wrk is all done. Amen.

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