Don’t say Goodbye


Gail Mitchell © 1997


Somewhere soon we’ll say our last goodbyes

And tell ourselves all the same old lies,

“We’ll keep in touch” “No I won’t forget”

“Hope to see you soon” we’ll say and yet

The moments and the years move swiftly on

And all our well-intentioned promises are gone.


The waves of time are soon to tear us far away

From all we are familiar with, in this passing day

And though, with some our friendships might remain

We know, though do not mention, it won’t ever be the same.

And some we know and love so well and yet we don’t know when

Our pathways and their own will ever meet again.


In heaven I know there won’t be goodbyes

Because I know there won’t be sadness, I know there won’t be lies

But here and now I don’t know how I can ever walk away

There is nothing that can comfort, no words that you can say.

You have all done more for me than you will ever know

Which is why I find it really hard to have to let you go.


I’ve never loved as much as I have within these walls

Never failed so much or had so many falls.

Here the hurt of all my damaged years could mend

Here I learnt the joy and pain of calling people friend.

Here, like nowhere else before, I found my weary heart a home

And I really do not want to leave and journey on alone.


The trouble is with me, I’ve heard enough goodbyes

Been let down too often, believed too many lies.

So when I go don’t say to me “hey, we’ll meet again”

Knowing in your heart it won’t ever be the same.

Just pretend, for it’s no greater lie than any you might say

That this is just the end of any other day.


Don’t say goodbye, don’t make me cry, let me just believe

That this is just a normal day and I don’t have to leave.

Let’s just chat of this and that like we’ve done so much before

Let’s forget that, very soon, we will sit like this no more.

Let’s thank the Lord for all the blessings he has given you and I

Let’s laugh, let’s celebrate but please! Don’t say goodbye!


Gail Mitchell © 1997