Love’s Last Breath

© Gail Mitchell 2015


Don’t leave so soon, we still have time

To share together from life’s melancholy wine

Another year or two, to watch the seasons change

From pink to golden brown, to icy blue.

A lifetime’s not yet long enough, please stay

And spend more days with me

In ordinary, gentle companionability.  


I don’t remember when the years robbed you of your strength

Or when you wearied at life’s breadth and length

When grey pallor crept over your vitality

Or when frailness replaced agility.

Our existence appears so fleeting

Moments have turned to memories,

When did love become so bittersweet?


Let us not sit watching clocks and waiting

For life’s ultimate breaths to abate.

Let our love transcend the brevity

Of our time together, and with levity

Think that, when flesh and blood and heart and soul are gone,

This love which made us richer, better

Only love will linger on.


© Gail Mitchell 2015