A Creed

Gail Mitchell © 1998


I believe in one God

Who created heaven and earth.

I believe he loves,

And so came by virgin birth

To live among the world he loves

Which didn’t seem aware

And didn’t seem to care

About the God who loved them.


I believe that, in Jesus Christ,

He made himself a man.

He suffered, died and rose again

According to his plan.


And somehow, though I don’t know how

Through the alchemy of Grace,

He broke the bonds of death and sin

And showed the world his face.


I believe in one God

I believe he loves

And took the greatest risk of all

To save the world he loves.


I know that sometimes I don’t know

For sure what I believe

But I know that all I need to do

To be with him is receive…


…receive the gifts of Grace and love

I believe he gives to all

I believe we need do nothing more

Than answer his love call.


I believe he loves the carefree child

The carer and the friend

The nurse, the clown, the OAP,

The mother at wit’s end.


I believe he loves the businessman

The sick, the sad at heart,

The postman and the student

The vicar and the tart.


I believe he loves the paedophile

The rapist and the pimp

The gay, the heterosexual,

The despot and the wimp.


I believe the Church has lost the plot

Many times in many ways

But I believe he holds us firm

And will guard us all our days.


I believe the powers of hell

Have already been defeated

I believe that, on the throne of Grace

Our dear Lord Christ is seated.


And one day when the war is won

He’ll come down from that throne

To save those who received his love

And claim them as his own.


Gail Mitchell © 1998