A Christmas Rap

Gail Mitchell ©2001


There once was a man and his name was Jesus

And he came down from heaven ‘cos he wanted to please us

He’s the King! Yeah Man, He’s the King!


He was born in a stable it was cold it was smelly

It didn’t have a phone and it didn’t have a telly

It was cold. Man, it was really cold.


Some farmers on a hill got a terrible fright

When an angel woke them up in the middle of the night.

They were scared!  Well you’d be scared!


The angel told the shepherds not to run away

Cos God’s very special son was born that day.

They said Wow! Far out Man! Wow!


The shepherds had no money they were poor and shabby

But they set off right away to go and see the babby

He was cute! Aah yeah, he was really cute!


On the other side of town were some foreign blokes

With big gold rings and expensive cloaks

They were Rich! Man were they rich?!


They went on camels and were led by a star

(Cos they didn’t have a map and they didn’t have a car)

A Star! They followed a Star!


When they found the baby, they were really hummin’

They said, “’Ere you are Jesus, we’ve brought you summin’”

They brought Gifts! Real cool gifts!


They gave him Gold, we can see what that’s for

But what’s a baby gonna do with Frankincense and myrrh?

Weird! Man that was really weird!


Well, that’s it folks we’ve told you everything,

About the birth of baby Jesus who grew up to be king

He’s the King!


Gail Mitchell ©2001